List all tags

List of tags for an account.

You can use tags to organize subscribers into groups. For example, you could add a tag for a city, state, acquisition channel or subscriber state. Should you choose, you can then use these tags to determine what message is sent to which subscribers at a given time.

Note that tags are referred to as groups in the Essential user interface.

Resource URL:


Resource information:

Response formatJSON
Requires authentication?Yes



Whether or not deleted tags should be included in the response.

Sample code:

curl -X GET \
     -u '[SID]:[TOKEN]' \
     '' \
     -G -d 'include_deleted=true'

# Sample response
    "name": "Labrador lovers",
    "created_at": "2016-12-10T01:32:59.000Z",
    "updated_at": "2016-12-25T016:20:00.000Z",
    "canonical_name": "labrador_lovers",
    "deleted_at": null,
    "sid": "tRhvpNDGZwyDeH-YRZIr9A",
    "account_sid": "RsbrYCSo2m0sShMLOlZqtw",
    "channel_sid": "sRhvpNDGZwyDeH-YRZIr9A",
    "num_subscribers_total": 200,
    "num_subscribers_active": 198
    "name": "French Bulldog fans",
    "created_at": "2016-04-20T16:20:00.000Z",
    "updated_at": "2016-04-25T16:18:00.000Z",
    "canonical_name": "french_bulldog_fans",
    "deleted_at": null,
    "sid": "eJ1WDpPBufJuDDYVO5xrKg",
    "account_sid": "RsbrYCSo2m0sShMLOlZqtw",
    "channel_sid": "sRhvpNDGZwyDeH-YRZIr9A",
    "num_subscribers_total": 300,
    "num_subscribers_active": 223
    "name": "Black Friday 2016",
    "created_at": "2016-11-15T04:42:58.000Z",
    "updated_at": "2016-11-15T04:42:58.000Z",
    "canonical_name": "black_friday_2016",
    "deleted_at": "2016-12-08T23:46:24.000Z",
    "sid": "Lc0bsmU9h7kn9h9UJVwg3Q",
    "account_sid": "RsbrYCSo2m0sShMLOlZqtw",
    "channel_sid": "sRhvpNDGZwyDeH-YRZIr9A",
    "num_subscribers_total": 0,
    "num_subscribers_active": 0
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