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We love our innovative customers

Reach your customers where they are

Essential provides messaging solutions for travel, ticketing, retail and more to create high-quality, intelligent applications across messaging channels... SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more

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Get up and running faster with the Essential solution.

Our customers are sending millions of messages each month and generating millions in revenue through conversational channels.

Customized conversational applications

All-in-one solution for deploying conversational applications from bots out-of-the box to an inbox for customer support.

Multi-channel messaging through one platform

Reach your customers where they already are, including Facebook, SMS, and more.

Best in class message deliverability

Send messages to your customers with confidence. Always-on monitoring and alerting ensure your customers receive your message.

Conversational machine intelligence

Automate interactions with Intelligent messaging apps that understand and respond to intent.

We're always looking for new ways to make the process of buying tickets easier and better. Essential is helping us do exactly that with innovative messaging experiences.

Essential gives us better visibility and confidence in our ability to use messaging as our primary sales channel. Their monitoring helps to identify, and take action on, issues faster.